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Matthew A. Gonzalez

Miami Web Developer & Team Lead

Director of Web Development at Equisolve

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New Website

Sunrun is the nation’s leading residential solar, storage and energy services company.

We helped them build a website for investors that told that story in an impactful and—most-importantly—compliant way.

VF Corporation

Website Redesign

The best testament to consistent, high-quality work and service is return business. We built VF Corporation's website in 2014, and they tasked us with heading up their redesign in 2019.

New Website needed a new look for their investor information. We did what we do best: delivered a leading-edge investor website that integrates seemlessly into our customers' existing design.

Kontoor Brands

New Website

After several months of hard work from design to development, we launched Kontoor Brands.

It was a short timeline for development, and that always makes things difficult for the team. When it was clear more resources were needed to aleviate stress and launch the project on time, we shuffled around project schedules and the developers involved the final push they needed.

The result was an on-time launch and a happy client.

Send a Message to Your Kidneys

New Feature

For Kidney Month, we helped our client build a gallery of user-submitted messages to their kidneys. Designs and user flow were provided by a third-party. We built out an experience for submitting and viewing these messages consisting mainly of a flex grid, extending of Fancybox 3 and ajax submissions.

Solebury Trout

New Website

We've managed to garner ourselves quite the reputation—not just for quality work, but for quality service.

Because of that stellar service reputation, we're asked to import existing websites into our system because clients trust us to manage those sites.

After doing dozens of these "direct imports," department leads from Sales to Development agreed the final product wasn't ideal for our Client Services team, and we weren't giving our clients everything they deserved. The consensus was we'd re-code these websites to guarantee better code, optimal flow with our system and an overall better product.

Solebury Trout is an excellent example of such a project. We re-wrote their code to be standards-compliant and accessible and added a few features they'd seen and loved in prior projects with us.

Centric Brands

New Website

It's definitely a cool feeling working with brands you're used to seeing on the shelves: Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Disney.

This site had a very different vibe and a very different process from what we're used to. But if you're open with the client and willing to do something out of the ordinary, you can achieve something great.

High Times

New Website

Time and time again, leaders in cannabusiness and its supporting industries are turning to us to fulfill their investor relations needs.

GEM Energy

New Template

Our client was looking to bring dozens of their partner distributors' websites onto our platform.

They were looking for a consistent visual experience with content synching from a single parent website and the ability to customize content and design if necessary.

Our answer: Templates. Templates. Templates. Nothing beats a good template that allows you to put out consistent, high-quality work while minimizing repeated efforts.

Columbia Investor Relations

New Website

It's fun to see our designers push themselves to come up with something really custom. It's even better to see our developers execute it so flawlessly!

Macy's, Inc.

New Website

Getting to work with a client like Macy's is serious validation. It means a lot to be trusted by such an iconic brand to deliver a product worthy of its history, and the new Macy's, Inc. website hit the mark.

Equity Stock Transfer Proxy Calculator

New Feature

Equity Stock Transfer was looking for a quick and easy way for their clients to appoximate future proxy-related dates based on a single input. So we went to work on a quick and easy solution that checked all the boxes of what they were looking for and came back under budget.


New Website

Sometimes there's a lot more to a project than meets the eye.

The Westell website, in terms of design, was a simple project, but when it came to the site's data and how that data was to be stored and displayed, it was anything but.

Parts of this project—specifically the product search—pushed the limits of a number of our CMS's built-in tools but afforded the team and me plenty of time to re-acquaint ourselves with some performance testing and the small changes that can go a long way.